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Sun, 21 Jan 1996 21:42:13 -0800

At 09:17 PM 1/21/96 PST, I Find Karma wrote:
Could this be the coolest online art event of the
> year? Highly likely. <URL:>

Chance of me winning -98%. Examples from the page.

<li>Native Hawaiians are using online resources to try to keep their native
language and culture alive. Same for the Innu Tribe in Newfoundland and the
Northeast's Oneida, the first American Indian group to create a web site.
<li>A sixth grade class in Brownsville, Texas runs space-flight
simulations using data from the Johnson Space Center. Once a month, dressed
in astronaut outfits, they coordinate with other schools in Hong Kong,
Russia and the UK to do live, online, real time space missions.
<li>It's hard to get the world's attention when you live in the depths
of Siberia. Victor Korkishko, an environmental activist, is using a global
e-mail network to fuel his campaign to save the last Amur Leopards.
<li>East Palo Alto is one of the most dangerous ghettos in America.
"Plugged In", a privately funded social-action group, gets kids shooting
drugs off the street and into a storefront building home pages.


A Los Angeles native cruises Huntingtion Beach in his Mustang Cobra stewed
on Maragrita's on a balmy 85 degree day, taking pictures of bikini clad
locals with his Kodak digital camera.

Yeah, send that UltraSparc to...


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