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* Ma1abc: Freshman Mathematics

9, 30 wks, 91-92



Apostol, Tom Calculus, vol 1

Fund. Calculus, ODE, Linear Alg, Analytic Geom.

* Ma2abc: Sophomore Mathematics

9, 30 wks, 92-93



Apostol, Tom Calculus, vol 2

Multivariate Calculus, PDE, Probability.

* Ma112a: Statistics

9, 10 wks, 93



Ross, Sheldon Inroduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineering Applications

Fund. Statistics, Prob., Stat. Processes.

* AMa95abc: Introduction to Applied Mathematics

12, 30 wks, 93-94

B+, B-, C

Saffman, List

Churchill & Brown Complex Variables & Applications. Saffman, Notes for AMa95abc. Broman, Introduction to Partial Differential Equations.

Complex Variables, ODE, (Non)Linear PDE, Transform Methods, Boundary-Value, Approximation Methods

* Mathematical Methods of Economics

6, 6 wks, 1990 (Harvard)


Gutenberg U Prof

Notes on basic mathematical analysis for econ.


* Ph1: Classical Mechanics & Electromagnetism

9, 30 wks, 91-92


Goodstein, McKeown, Pine, Gomez

Halliday & Resnick. Goodstein, The Mechanical Universe.Ohanion. Purcell.

Newtonian, Relativistic Mechanics, Lab Work, Electromagnetism

* Ph2: Waves, Quantum Mechanics, and Statistical Physics

9, 30 wks, 92-93


Politzer, Raab

Kittel & Kromer. Berkeley Waves. Liboff, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. French, Vibrations & Waves. ?????--------

Thermodynamics; title topics.


* Ch1abc: General Chemistry

9, 30 wks, 91-92


Lewis, Barton, Dervan

Mahan & Meyers, University Chem.

Reactions, Quantum Chemistry, Bonding, Equilibria, Thermodynamics, Organic, Biochemistry

* Ch3a: Fund. Techniques of Experimental Chemistry

6, 10 wks, 92


Jane Raymond

Notes for Chem 3a

Wet Chemistry, Error Analysis, Lab Notebook


* CS51: Systems Programming

40, 8 wks, 90 (Harvard)


Henry Leitner

Notes, Pohl, A Book on C.

C, LISP, Assembly, Algorithms, Automata, Interpreters

* CS3: Introduction to Concurrent Programming

9, 10 wks, 92


Stephen Taylor

Chandy & Taylor, An Introduction to Parallel Programming.

Parallel Composition, Distributed Programming, Software Engineering

* CS/EE4: Introduction to Digital Electronics

6, 10 wks, 91


Rod Goodman

Mano, Digital Electronics

Combinational Circuits, Sequential Logic, Memory, CPU Design

* CS20abc: Computation, Computers, and Programs

9, 30 wks, 91-92


Jan van de Snepscheut

Snepscheut, What is Computing All About?, Gries, The Science of Programming.

Formal Methods, Physics of Computation, Grammars, VLSI, Decidability

* CS138abc: Algorithms

9, 30 wks, 92-93

B+, A, B+

Mani Chandy

Moret & Shapiro, Algorithms from P to NP. Chandy & Misra, Parallel Program Design

Sequential & Parallel Algorithms, Reactive Programming, Archetypes.

* CS139abc: Concurrency

9, 30 wks, 92-93

A-, A, A

Alain Martin


Reasoning about Concurrency, CSP, Synchronization Protocols

* CS140abc: Programming Laboratory

9, 30 wks, 94-95

Beverly Sanders

Mössenböck, Hanspeter, Object-Oriented Programming in Oberon-2.

Object-Oriented, Functional, and Logical Programming

* CS286abc: Multi-University Seminar In Computer Graphics

9, 30 wks, 93-94


Alan Barr


Current Topics in Graphics, Interactive Systems, Presentations


* French

4 years, 1985-89, pre-college

Graduate Study (Planned)

* CS237: Design and Implementation of Programming Languages

9, 20 wks, 95

Mary Hall

SUIF, Fortran Compiler

* CS284: Information Superhighway

9, 10 wks, 94

Fred Thompson

Readings on Networks, Natural Languages

Networks, Distributed Programming, Natural Languages, Parsing, Grammars

* CS284: Mathematics of Program Construction

9, 10 wks, 94

DROPPED -- may resume next term

Beverly Sanders, Rustan Leino

Course Notes, Dijkstra & Scholten, Predicate Calculus & Semantics of Programs.

Formal Methods, Predicate Calculus, Lattice Theory

* CS286abc: Multi-University Seminar In Computer Graphics

6, 30 wks, 94-95

Alan Barr


Current Topics in Graphics, Interactive Systems, Presentations

Economics & Social Science

* Ec11

Exempted/Equivalent to Towson State preparation

* PS12

Ordeshook, PASS

* Ec129

* Ec161

* Ec135

* Ec121ab

* BEM103

* BEM104

* Ec122

Exempted/Equivalent to Harvard preparation

* Ec162

* PS/Ec172

* Ec/PS 134

* Harvard Econometrics

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