Constraint Systems

for Interactive Media

Constraints: A Physics of Software


Constraint Solvers, Cycles, DeltaBlue & SkyBlue

Michael Sanella & Co., University of Washington

Interactive Document Presentation


Automatic Presentation of Multimedia Documents using Regular Grammars

Louis Wietzman & Kent Wittenburg, MIT Media Lab & Bellcore

User Interface Management


Garnet, Multi-Garnet, & Rendezvous: The Interface is the Application

Brad Meyers & Pedro Szekely, Carnegie-Mellon & ISI

Visual Programming & Artificial Realities


TBAG: A High Level Framework for Interactive, Animated 3D Applications

Conal Elliott & Greg Schechter, Ricky Yeung, & Salim Abi-Ezzi, Sun

Caption The Self Programming Language & Environment

David Ungar, John Maloney & Bay-Wei Chang, Stanford & Sun

Rohit Khare * November 15, 1994 * CS286

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