Contact Information

Security Maven, World-Wide-Web Consortium (W3C)

BS, Caltech '95, Computer Science and Economics

The eText Group at Caltech, SW Architect

NeXTWorld Magazine, Freelancer

Rohit Khare Software, Principal

Envirosystems, Inc., Principal


9 Hamlin Street

Cambridge, MA, 02141

Voice/FAX: 617/491-5030

MIT Laboratory For Computer Science:

NE43-354, W3 Consortium

545 Technology Square

Cambridge, MA 02139

Voice: 617/253-5884


10189 Maxine St

Ellicott City, MD 21042

Voice (home):410/461-3932

Voice (work):410/964-0330

Fax (any):410/740-9306

Rohit Khare Security Maven, World-Wide-Web Consortium/MIT Caltech'95 617/491-5030

"N e X T S T E P S h a l l M a k e Y o u F r e e"

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