Re: A non-column from Bob on Push

CobraBoy (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 11:30:38 -0800

Someone named Rohit Khare at 11:12 AM -0800 on 3/17/97, came up with this:

* Bob's been having a slow streak; first the Telco Wars, then the hilariously
* misconstrued Java-replaces-HTML from last week. Now, this Push is
* schtick. And a call for Push standards? C'mon... He didn't even expose the
* dirty little secret that most push out there is automated pull (even PC
* got that right, I believe. DanK made this point on FoRK).
* Note on WWW6 at the end. I vote he eats it... :-)
* RK
* PS: "The Internet's first hot protocol technology was Telnet. Then, in
* came FTP, remote job entry, chat, e-mail, newsgroups, X Windows, network
* management, and, in the Internet's 20th year, the World Wide Web." --
* like the into to a book, say, _The Evolution of Internet Information
* Services_... yeah, that's the ticket...

Well my concern about all this is this. Has anyone checked out the amount
of traffic on the usenet lately? No not on comp.sys.whatever.obscure, but
on the alt.* groups with all the spam? These idiot porno people flood the
groups with their spam and cross post to boot. So now we have,

1) Idiots surfing the web.
2) Idiot porno spam
3) Idiot push technology from everybody.

Yeah, and the bandwidth is going to improve....



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