Somethings Rotten In Cupertino

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Fri, 14 Feb 1997 18:00:35 -0800

one of the best articles I have seen. a 3%er...


As they tried to glean hope from CEO Gil Amelio's
vague public pronouncements, onlookers had no way of
knowing that, for all the apparent turmoil, what's
going on behind the scenes is even weirder. At
Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California, a
power play is in progress that calls into question
who's really running the company and that may very
well put Apple in play once again. So thick is this
plot that it reaches into the homes of some of the
most powerful CEOs in Silicon Valley. The delicious
irony is that what triggered the soap opera is a move
Amelio hopes is his masterstroke: Apple's
$400-million acquisition of Next, and the advisory
services of Steve Jobs that come bundled with it.

Here's how Steve views the current situation at
Apple: It's as if Apple is an old fiancee from
college that Steve met again at a 20-year class
reunion. Steve is happily married now with children,
and has a great life. When he meets his old
girlfriend again, she's an alcoholic and is running
around with a bad crowd and has made a mess of her
life. Even so, in his mind's eye, he still sees the
beautiful woman he once thought was the love of his
life. So what's he supposed to do? Of course, he
doesn't want to marry her anymore, but he can't just
walk away, because he still cares about her. So he
puts her in a detox program and tries to help her
meet a better class of friends and hopes for the


Nobody really cared if Apple tanks it,
but now if Apple tanks it it also tanks NeXT,
and we're going to do everything in our power
to make sure that doesn't happen. ... anonymous NeXT employee

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