Re: Win95 user seeks class-action suit against M$

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Fri, 14 Feb 1997 13:00:15 -0800

Rohit Khare at 12:09 PM -0800 on 2/14/97, came up with this:

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* Windows 95 user sues Microsoft for OS-related damages, seeks class-action


* Meanwhile in Texas, Attorney General Dan Morales' office has sent
*Microsoft a
* "civil investigative demand" for licensing agreements, budgets, and other
* documents concerning its Internet and intranet software, according to a
* in Morales' office who requested anonymity.
* Texas is investigating whether Microsoft has violated the state's antitrust
* laws through "monopolization and other conduct in restraint of trade in the
* market for Internet software," according to a letter to the company from
* Assistant Attorney General Mark Tobey.

does the pendulum begin to swing? is Dan wondering what type of exotic beer
I'll be drinking in 1 year 11 months?

time will tell....



I got two turntables and a microphone...

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