One mailbox - now if we could have one transfer method.

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Fri, 14 Feb 97 18:52:30 PST

fwdd from Educom:
> Octel Communications, the world's largest provider of voice-messaging
> systems, has a new product called Unified Messenger that consolidates
> all voice-mail, e-mail and fax messages in a single mailbox accessible
> by phone or computer. The system, which works in concert with
> Microsoft's Exchange e-mail system, enables workers to call up a list of
> voice and e-mail messages on a computer screen, and play the voice
> messages back through the PC's speakers. Mobile workers can dial into
> the voice-message system and retrieve e-mail messages that are read
> aloud in a computer-generated voice. "There are definitely people who
> are e-mail-centric and people who are voice-mail-centric," says Octel's
> CEO. "Usually, sales and marketing runs on voice mail, while the rest
> of the company uses e-mail. Every single company I've come across has
> those constituencies. People need that gap bridged." (Wall Street
> Journal 13 Feb 97)

Unified voice, email, and fax represent a good start, but geez Rohit,
it's no wonder people look at you like you're crazy -- this is just the
first step out of 300 toward a Grand Unified Theory of information
creation, transmission, storage, retrieval, and manipulation.....

In an unrelated note, the Wired article on D.E. Shaw was pretty cool.


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