New ACM 'zine, net~worker

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 11:24:58 -0500

I just got a new proaganda packet from ACM. Aside from the smiling mugs of
Jakob Nielsen and Bob Metcalfe (love his chain-letter MAKE.MONEY.FAST
pitch: "After joining ACM as a student in the early 70's, I got invited to
Xerox to invent Ethernet, which I wrote up for CACM in 1976. I strongly
advise you to join the ACM ASAP."), it has a flyer for a new ACM magazine
on "the craft of network computing."

"The only magazine to objectively and thoroughly examine this coming
revolution, net~worker explores such issues as: the economics of NCs,
digital payment schemes, how TV beat the Web, and Netscape's vision of the
future.... in-depth coverage of network technology and the business and
social impact of ubiquitous computing"

Advisory Board:
Bran Ferran, Disney Imagineering
Jakob Nielsen, Sun
Tony Fernandez, Netscape
Dan Rosenberg, Oracle
Gordon Bell, Microsoft
Don Norman, Apple

Can't find any web presence for it. Sounds like an interesting vision, but
I gave up on interactions for the same reason: these ACM magazine
experiments do catch marquee names, but can be untimely and varying
technical levels.

Also coming in '98: Trans. on Info and Sys Security: This looks good: finally a place to publish
the kind of systems work we do at W3C.


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