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Are you guys aware that Mach ("MacMach") was running on 680xx Macs sometime
around 1990? David Bowman I think is the name of the guy who was
principally working on the port while at physically at Carnegie-Mellon.
(Damn, unless I'm confusing him with a character from 2001. Or maybe they
really have the same name.) If, like, anyone cares, I can look back through
my archived mail and try to find more info about this.

Now of course, at that time, NeXTStep (also at the time on 680xx) + MacMach
= instant MacNextStep. How different things could have been...

- Joe

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On a related note, yesterday at Fry's I was reading the back of the Linux
slackware CD-ROM (4 -CD's!!) what is included. And it really struck me how
stupid Apple really is. Granted they made the right decision. But to even
consider this Be crap. I would have to assume they have a GUI laying
in the labs that they could have placed on top of Linux.

Be that as it may...