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CobraBoy (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 08:34:03 -0800

Joe Barrera at 8:18 AM -0800 on 1/31/97, came up with this:

* Are you guys aware that Mach ("MacMach") was running on 680xx Macs sometime
* around 1990? David Bowman I think is the name of the guy who was
* principally working on the port while at physically at Carnegie-Mellon.
* (Damn, unless I'm confusing him with a character from 2001. Or maybe they
* really have the same name.) If, like, anyone cares, I can look back through
* my archived mail and try to find more info about this.
* Now of course, at that time, NeXTStep (also at the time on 680xx) + MacMach
* = instant MacNextStep. How different things could have been...

Yeah, however very few if any Mac people have ran it. The company selling
it is called MachTen out of Santa Barbara. At MacWorld they had it running
on both a desktop Mac and PowerBook with the AfterStep interface.

Shades of things to come...



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