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national laborator wrote:
>> Don't agree. Apple is still a far bigger company than Sun or SGI and I
>> don't hear anyone saying their doomed.
>"SGI is doomed." Happy?

I've been saying this for 5 yeaars now. Finally someone agree's with me.

>Okay, not doomed, perhaps, but hurting. We certainly haven't been very happy
>with them here, and we have a lot of their stuff. Support issues. SCSI
>ineptitude. Their FDDI interfaces, which are outrageously expensive and
>Viewpoint column in February '97 UNIX Review ("SGI: Graphics But No Vision")
>cites bizarre marketing strategy (supercomputers), key defections, failure to
>fend off attacks on its graphics base, and ends with,
>> It comes as no surprise that Wall Street continues to hold down the
>> price of SGI stock. The company needs a serious reality check and
>> -surprising as it may seem- some leadership. Until then, don't expect
>> much from SGI except further disappointment.
>I certainly wouldn't be spending my money on them. Sun's a different matter.

Yeah, again not blowing Apple's horn, but they are going to have some
serious problems with SMP Mac's running MacOpenStep for around $6K.



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