Re: dat need fur speed...

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:33:54 -0500

Uh, I find myself apologizing for Tim Byars again. He's the nuts in our
soup, you see. I love his conspiracy theories and off-color commentary, but
I also try to avoid baiting him too explicitly :-)

And, no, actually, I'd have to say either Ron Resnick or Joe Kiniry is
CORBAboy :-)


PS. Not to be confused with 'CORBA the Geek', OMG's silly little mascot.

> From: Joe Barrera <>
> To: 'Dan Kohn' <>; 'Fork' <>
> Subject: RE: dat need fur speed...
> Date: Tuesday, January 21, 1997 8:27 PM
> >----------
> >From: CobraBoy[]
> >Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 1997 7:36 AM
> >To:
> >Subject: dat need fur speed...
> >
> >Well I finlly did it. I replaced good old trusty "Zydeco" my ever loyal
> >Quadra 950 with "BeBop" a brand new 8500/180. Man is this thing fast.
> >Anyone that says a Pentuim is faster is nuts. This thing just eats my
> >Micron P-133 alive. Everything seems to work fine, some crashes after
> >empting the trash which I associate with SpeedDoubler 2.0 from
> >Connentix.
> >Other than that it's flying.
> Can this CobraBoy (who doesn't mind "some crashes" after emptying the
trash) really be the same CobraBoy who sez:
> More reliable than what? If it's Win'95 then yeah thats a big win.
> No, it cannot be. I must assume that one of these posters is really
"CoRBaBoy". But which one?
> - Joe