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CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 12:07:52 -0800


Would this mean the W3c would have an excuse to run their NeXTStep machines

Nah.... no point in pissing off Billy boy.

>Meanwhile, sources close to Apple say the company continues to mull over
>several options,
>including buying software start-up Be Inc. of Menlo Park, or acquiring
>technology from either
>Next Inc. of Redwood City, run by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, or Sun
>Microsystems Inc. of
>Sunnyvale, which made an unsuccessful bid to buy Apple in January.
>Be officials have refused to comment on the rumors, and a Next spokeswoman
>also declined
>comment Monday. Representatives of Sun could not be reached late Monday.
>Amelio did take take a moment to defend System 7, which has been widely
>derided as obsolete
>and crash-prone.
>''Despite the fact that it's been tarred and feathered a little bit, it is
>still a great operating system
>and will continue to get greater,'' he said.
>Apple has scheduled two upgrades of System 7, one called ''Harmony'' due
>in January and
>another called ''Tempo'' due in July.
>After an assistant demonstrated some of Tempo's features, Amelio said the
>upgrade will offer
>easy access to the Internet and multimedia performance equal or better
>than rival Microsoft
>Corp.'s next version of Windows, code-named ''Nashville'' and also due
>next summer.
>Amelio added that the Mac faithful are still staying with Apple.


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