Merry Christmas on the Web

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Wed, 18 Dec 96 18:41:19 -0800

Since FoRK has a right to see all bits I produce:

Merry Christmas!

Interestingly enough, the Web just got me back in touch with a girl I
knew way back at MIT [a bit older than I, but still quite nice :-].
A friend of hers saw my Nerd Bible web page [presumably via the ASA
list I posted to], and matched it with a T-shirt I had sold her while
at MIT.

Small world. I enclose the transcript for your amusement.

-- Ernie P.

To: jae@mailhost
Subject: Does this sound familiar?

Hey Judy,
I came across a certain web page the other day, and I think you might
know the page's creator. A T-shirt of yours tipped me off. Curious?
Check out my next email. (Good news for...)
Hope you're having a good day.

Subject: Good News for Modern Nerds

Hello again,
Here's a web page some of you may like. Now I'm not implying that
any of you are nerds, but if the shoe fits... Just kidding! Enjoy.