Significant new literary hypertext

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There has always been a strong current of literary uses of hypertext within
the academic hypertext community, and Eastgate Systems has long been the
leading purveyor of literary hypertext. Michael Joyce wrote one of the
best early literary hypertexts, "Afternoon, a story," and remains a titan
in the field.

For Boston-based folks, Eastgate is located in Watertown, run by Mark
Bernstein, who is an old-time hypertexter (he started doing hypertext in
the 80's with the Intermedia crowd at Brown). Well worth your while to
talk with him.

- Jim

Eastgate Systems announces an important new literary hypertext

Michael Joyce

(Watertown MA) Eastgate Systems, Inc., proudly announces the publication
of TWILIGHT, A SYMPHONY, the long-awaited hypertext masterpiece from
renowned hypertext author Michael Joyce.

Unflinching yet deeply compassionate, _Twilight, A Symphony_ is a complex
meditation on themes of loss and desire amidst the technological
complexities of life at the millennium. At the heart of _Twilight_,
erstwhile reporter Hugh Colin Enright is estranged from his wife and on
the run. Sequestered with his infant son on the shores of Pleasant Lake,
Hugh befriends an eccentric Polish political refugee and his wife, Magda.
Years later, Hugh and the ailing Magda are together again, joined in a
macabre search for the Twilight doctor, the only person who may be willing
to help Magda end her life.

Carole Maso, author of GHOST DANCE and THE ART LOVER, writes that

Nothing has quite prepared us for the extraordinary beauty and
fragility and intelligence at work in Michael Joyce's lyrical elegy,
Twilight. Joyce is one of the most exciting artists at work today
in any medium.

Ralph Lombreglia, in the Atlantic Monthly Online, writes that

_Twilight, A Symphony_ transcends the limits of narrative and
reveals the burden of infinite possibility.

Joyce's first hypertext novel, AFTERNOON, A STORY (Eastgate, 1991) has long
been established as a towering classic in the field. The New York Times Book
Review called _afternoon_ "the granddaddy of hypertext fictions ... a legend",
the Washington Post called Joyce's hypertext "an arresting, intricate,
delicately contoured prose sculpture", and the Toronto Globe and Mail
wrote that "[Afternoon] is to the ... interactive novel what the Gutenberg
is to publishing." _afternoon_ has been widely studied in colleges and
universities throughout the world.

_Twilight, A Symphony_ runs on any modern Macintosh computer. model Classic
or above.. It is supplied on one CD, and retails for $24.95. A Windows
edition will be released shortly.

Founded in 1982, Eastgate Systems publishes original hypertexts, both
fiction and non-fiction, for serious readers. Eastgate also publishes
innovative hypertext tools including Storyspace, the hypertext environment
used to create _afternoon_ and _Twilight_. Eastgate and is among the
world's leading hypertext laboratories.

Additional information on _Twilight_ may be found at

Michael Joyce is a Professor of English and the Library at Vassar College.
His biographical details may be found at

Information on Eastgate Systems is available at

For review copies, or to arrange interviews, contact Mark Bernstein at Eastgate
Systems: (617) 924-9044 or (800) 562-1638 .