Jim Whitehead (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 17:07:01 -0800

Over the weekend Rohit (who was in LA and didn't even bother calling me,
not that I would have had time to see him anyway, but still I'm really
affected) asked me what ACAP was.

It turns out that ACAP has many meanings:
o Ames Commute Alternative Program (as in NASA Ames)
o Asquith Community Access Project
o Associacao do Comercio Automovel de Portugal
o Army Career and Alumni Program

But even though I know Rohit really does want to join the US Army as his
first step towards total world domination, somehow I think he was
interested in:

ACAP -- The Application Configuration Access Protocol

Directly quoting this page:

ACAP is the Application Configuration Access Protocol, an internet protocol
for accessing client program option, configuration, and preference
information remotely. ACAP is the new version of the experimental draft
IMSP, the Internet Message Support Protocol. IMSP was fully implemented on
both the server and client level, but is being revised to meet the needs of
the Internet community, as a result of the IETF standards process and, not
inconsequentially, better fit the original design goals underlying the IMSP

ACAP is a solution for the problem of client mobility on the internet.
Almost all Internet applications currently store user preferences, options,
server locations, and other personal data in local disk files. These leads
to the unpleasant problems of users having to recreate configuration
set-ups, subscription lists, addressbooks, bookmark files, folder storage
locations, and so forth every time they change physical locations.

While originally designed to support Internet mail clients in conjunction
with IMAP4, ACAP can operate completely independently of IMAP and

ACAP provides a protocol for arbitrary clients to store and retrieve
client-specific configuration from a server. ACAP fills a niche somewhere
between a full-blown directory service, a file system, and specialized
single-service protocol support.

ACAP is NOT a directory service, but rather an independent protocol with a
different design goal and very different underlying concept. ACAP is
intended to work in harmony with directory services, not in competition to


They also have a comparison of ACAP to other protocols on their page, at:

The latest ACAP Internet Draft is available at URL:


Or perhaps Rohit wanted to know about the Atlantic Coastal Action Program...

- Jim