Re: The Microsoft perspective...

CobraBoy (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 09:18:47 -0800

>Microsoft's webzine, Slate, has a new monthly column on techie issues;

>Of particular note is the last paragraph, describing the economics of
>PointCast's local redistributor software, which first compares the
>thing to a protection racket, then to drug dealing, and finally winds
>up by describing it approvingly as a situation where "everybody wins".
>This is certainly an unusual --- one might even say unique --- per-
>spective on protection rackets and drug dealing. Indeed, you might
>almost wonder where Pointcast learned to apply those sorts of tactics
>in the software industry.

This is actually my fault. I feared this would happen. If you do a
AltaVista search for Tim Byars on the Usenet you'll find a line I wrote
that this guy is using for his .sig. It was about people bitching about
NeXT and I made the quote that NeXT was a successful company due to the
fact they were still around. That success was relative, and that every
company shouldn't be judged by Microsofts standards.

I believe my exact line was,

"as successful as who, Microsoft? No one but Columbian drug cartels are as
successful as Microsoft."

Obviously my words have become sacred scroll at Ms.



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