Fw: Tim in 12.01 Boston Herald

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 15:04:02 -0500

This is about the only helpful move those m*rons at Travel Collaborative
have made in 18 months. They couldn't even find a hotel room *anywhere in
NYC* for two nights next week for a colleague!

But this little heart-warming snippet is fine, refined sap...


> I received a fax from a staff member at The Travel Collaborative [our
> travel agency at MIT] this morning. It didn't contain the entire
> article, which I believe was on "unselfish acts" -- TWG confirm? The
> author's name is a bit illegible; I think it's Tom Mashberg[?]
> Tim, we're so proud of you!
> "...
> [bullet] - Tim Berners-Lee of MIT is not yet a household name, but his
> invention -- the programming language for the World Wide Web -- will
> soon enough enter every American home.
> Is this a good thing? Yes.
> If we look beyond the confusing faddishness surrounding the Internet,
> it's possible so see a future where this computer-based medium will
> enhance our lives in marvelous manners.
> Not just in practical ways, such as voting, catalog shopping, banking,
> research and vacation planning. But in intimate ones, too. Imagine the
> day when your holiday or birthday card appears on friend's or relative's
> computer screen, complete with songs and moving images of the family. Or
> when a call from college will let kid and parent take real-time look at
> each other.
> Berners-Lee not only invented this technology, but *he gave it away*
> [itals.]. He receives no money for the worldwide use of his intellectual
> and spriritual gift to the future. It's an unselfish act for which we
> all owe thanks. [end of article]"