Re: Surprise, surprise [ Red Hat IPO is red hot ]

Roy T. Fielding (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 14:31:25 -0700

>[ shame I didn't join e*trade soon enough... - joe ]

It wouldn't have done you any good. The allocation process was completely
messed up. So far I don't know of any non-RedHat-employees that got any
of the IPO shares. They appear to have all gone to employees and large
E*TRADE account owners. The discussion on slashdot is somewhat amusing,
or at least it would be if I wasn't one of the open source guys who
spent a lot of time moving money around just to get the shaft. There
was supposed to be 800,000 shares reserved for the affinity group
(employees, family, friends, open source developers) but Cindy is the
only one I know of who got any.

Of course, E*TRADE is down again. Fortunately, I have a DATEK Online
account that lets me view the quotes and the Island ECN board in real time
applets, so at least it was interesting.