Fwd: wee tee cee pee (or "Worlds Tiniest Web Server")

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 14:25:07 -0700

Stunning work, absolutely stunning... go read the pages. $1, < 1cc.

>From: "Falk, Aaron" <afalk@panamsat.com>
>To: end2end-interest@isi.edu
>Subject: wee tee cee pee (or "Worlds Tiniest Web Server")
>Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 15:05:33 -0400
>Sender: owner-end2end-interest@isi.edu
>Just posted on slashdot. Thought there might be some interest here:
>an excerpt:
>The TCP/IP code itself fits in about 256 bytes (12-bit), and the rest is
>some extra salt-and-pepper and miscellaneous code.
> The chip is a PIC 12C509A, running at 4MHz (Internal RC clock).
> implementing the IPic tiny TCP/IP stack,
> a HTTP 1.0 compliant web-server,
> a simple telnet server (for editing files on the chip),
> an 24LC256 i2c EEPROM
>This is true real TCP/IP: Despite its small size, this wee tee cee pee is a
>true implementation of very carefully hand-packed TCP/IP stack. Perhaps I
>dont need to tell you any more than to say that it is compliant with all
>applicable requirements of RFC-1122, Host Requirements Document, the current
>standard which all implementations of TCP/IP on all hosts on the Internet
>are required to meet in order to be connected to the Internet.
>I guess the mice are getting smaller... :-)