Re: A funny thing happened on the way to Japan...

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Wed, 11 Aug 1999 16:32:40 -0500

The couple-to-be's anagrams are dominated by wedding and honeymoon plans.

Sandhya Prabhakar

Brandy? Parkas? Ha ha! (Honeymooning in the Alps?)
Kandahar Bay, harps? (Afghanistan? No, Mexico!)
Byars had a prank -- Ha! (Apple ][s tied to the bumper?)
Had a rash by a prank. (Itching powder in the suitcase?)
A pasha by hard rank. (Okay, so Ernie's not a young Turk)
Arak ran by Padshah (Storybook ending, not comic book!)
Ha! A sharp Yank bard. (Not quite Weird Al, but still ...)

Sandhya and Ernie

Adheres in any DNA. (... think of the kids)
Ah, dandy anserine! (Your goose is cooked now)
An "A" day enshrined. (The makings of an anniversary)
Ranee's hand in day? (Quick operator)
An hendiadys near. (That's one through two, en Anglais)
In hand as year-end. (Y2K nuptials?)
Any dinners ahead? (Plenty! I hear Rohit's available)
Dead near Hyannis (May want to avoid Massachusetts)
Dreads Hyaena Inn (I'm not going there)
Andean ray, Dinesh? (Some Chilean mountain sunshine?)
Any ideas nerd? Nah. (He just sits there grinning)
Any Sian adherend? (Nope, strictly Indian for this glue)
Any hidden arenas? (You have told her about FoRK, right?)
She: Nine yard / nada (So, it will be a fancy wedding)
Denies any dharna. (No fasting against this gig)
I need a Nash, Randy. (Classic car for the getaway)
Had nannies ready. (Planning way ahead)
Handy. Dear. Insane. (Not the three words I'd have thought of)
A dandy shin, ranee. (Not that I'm looking)
Insane randy-head (Is this about Ernie, or me?)
Hyenas rend naiad. (Some Krsna unconsciousness deal?)
Hyaena in danders. (Mad laughter follows)
Any sradha in Eden? (I trust so, Gita)