Re: Surprise, surprise [ Red Hat IPO is red hot ]

Roy T. Fielding (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:11:10 -0700

>Huh? I don't read slashdot, so I don't know what the conversation is
>that's going on there, but, yeh, thre were a few people who had problems
>because they couldn't get etrade accounts, but there were many others in
>the linux comunity who did get a go at the IPO price....

Sure, I was only talking about the ones who completed the account and
qualified for the offer. The confusion was due to the last minute price
change --- the allocation was supposed to take place before the market
opened, not after it closed. This would have been okay if there wasn't
so much confusion over the phone at E*TRADE, and no way to check or
confirm the status electronically.

It turns out that they didn't complete the allocation until 9pm EDT.
I ended up with 400 shares after all, roughly 1/4 of what I requested.
That's not bad considering the demand.