Re: 'kicker head-freezers / godwin & malthus

Jeff Bone (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 12:19:14 -0500

> I'm getting this real odd picture of Texans as 'kicker head-freezers,
> driving pickups with gun racks, beds full of grey goo, and bumper
> stickers which read "I'll be alive for the rapture".

ROTFL! WOW, thank you Dave, that image made it all worth while!

For the record: I don't own a gun, though I may eventually buy one just
before the fed finally makes them illegal. Don't own a pair of cowboy
boots or a cowboy hat, much more likely to be seen in scruffy shorts and
Connie high-tops. Don't own a pickup --- I drive an '89 Volkswagen
convertible, no bumper stickers though I have been thinking of slapping
a Red Hat sticker on there just for solidarity. I live in a modest
townhome in the heart of a smallish but growing city. (For what it's
worth, Austin is a whole lot more like, say, Berkeley than like the
Texas you see on TV... a hotter, wetter Berkeley with good margaritas
and chips and salsa.) I don't generally listen to country, though I've
been known to belt out a really bad Garth Brooks ("Friends in Low
Places") at karaoke after a few too many Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters or
whatever. (Country holds the same campy, trash chic appeal to many
young urban Texans that, say, trash disco holds for others. Me, I'm
much more likely to be caught listening to weird stuff like Cafe Noir or
Combustible Edison.) As for my freezing options, I'll take whole body,
thanks --- more original biomass to work from. As for the rapture,
thanks, no thanks. As for the grey goo, I hear the boys down at Rice
are workin' on that. ;-)

Despite all that, there are a bunch of kickers here. Good folks,
mostly. Eccentricity runs deep and quiet here in Texas.