'kicker head-freezers / godwin & malthus

Dave Long (dl@silcom.com)
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 09:15:32 -0700

> We'd better get busy on the brain uploading and backup front, as well as
> work out some good, distributed, fault tolerant
> consciousness-transferral technology. People. ;-)

I'm getting this real odd picture of Texans as 'kicker head-freezers,
driving pickups with gun racks, beds full of grey goo, and bumper
stickers which read "I'll be alive for the rapture".

With apologies to Mr. Blaylock and Mr. Diffie:

Freeze my brain down so cold
Put my entropies on hold
Boot me up, on the network,
If I die...


This thread reminds me of Malthus' inspiration:

>In his Enquiry concerning Political Justice, and its Influence on
>General Virtue and Happiness, first published by Joseph Johnson
>in 1793, William Godwin painted his vision of a perfect society.
>There would be 'no war, no crimes, no administration of justice
>... and no government'; and no 'disease, anguish, melancholy nor
>resentment'. Each man need do only half an hour's manual work a
>day. Property was to belong to him who most wanted it. Mind would
>so triumph over body that passion between the sexes would gradually
>become extinct. Individual earthly immortality would be assured.
>And 'myriads of centuries of still increasing population [might]
>pass away, and the earth [would] be still found sufficient for
>the subsistence of its inhabitants.'

Perhaps Godwin would have had more takers, and Malthus fewer, if he
hadn't been so anxious to throw in that bit about gradual extinction
of passion. After all, at 6 billion, we (at least in the states)
don't seem to be doing too badly on the subsistence front. Anyone
know if there are major hurdles for carrying 10 billion?