Watch out FoRKers... your words may be used against you...

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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 17:55:08 PST

Carey Lening writes:

> Oddly enough, this only strengthens my desire to become a lawyer and work to
> stop some of these rampant privacy kills.

Rather stay a programmer, and join any of the privacy efforts, for
instance Freenet. If you can publish anonymously, yet still assure
that comes from a provably trusted source, this effectively makes
censorship impossible.

DoS and namespace poisoning issues and camouflaging, etc. need to be
addressed in the protocols, and somebody needs to write the code and
make sure it doesn't contain major exploitable bugs.

Bundle this into major Linux distribution (Freenet will hopefully soon
move to Debian unstable), and let the politicians waffle. Once it's
deployed and you can't filter it out, any legislation will be
essentially unenforcible.

I would like to see law enforcement on information laws (patents,
algorithms) to be shown unenforcible for OpenSource projects. I don't
think this conflict can be resolved in meat/legalspace.

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