Re: Watch out FoRKers... your words may be used against you...

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From: Carey Lening (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 18:13:03 PST

>Carey Lening writes:
> > Oddly enough, this only strengthens my desire to become a lawyer and
work to
> > stop some of these rampant privacy kills.
>Rather stay a programmer, and join any of the privacy efforts, for
>instance Freenet. If you can publish anonymously, yet still assure
>that comes from a provably trusted source, this effectively makes
>censorship impossible.

I am currently looking into the Freenet setup.. Mostly because when I first
read it my jaw hit the floor (it was remarkably like a conversation that
Rohit and I had, which later became a paper) on the idea of a Black Net, or
completely anonymous network. It was worthy enough that i'm going to pursue
this guy, even if i'm not a programmer:) Some of us on his list are techies
in other ways, hence why I want to spend my focus in the legal area of
computers. I really don't have the patience or the skill to master
machines, but I'm rather decent at mastering things like humans and

>>I would like to see law enforcement on information laws (patents,
>algorithms) to be shown unenforcible for OpenSource projects. I don't
>think this conflict can be resolved in meat/legalspace.

Along the open source guidelines: What do you think of an Open Source Law?
This was another idea that I was talking to a friend about. I believe the
original idea of open source law was published on the register? either that
or slashdot.. i'll have to go look up the exact link and drop it to you.
Don't rule out the meatside completely. Some groups (EFF, EPIC, etc) are
working pretty hard in many areas to keep some of the diminishing freedoms
we are still allowed online.


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