Watch out FoRKers... your words may be used against you...

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From: Carey Lening (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 17:18:49 PST

Have any ominous statements to say about anyone? I wouldn't post them
here... Apparently, in this crazy sue-happy society, email can now be
subpoenaed and used against you much as any other bit of information seems
to already be.

My only issue in the article (past the whole privacy thang (cough)) was that
the author, Greg Knauss actually reccomended using the telephone to spout
off those nasty words... Short of being in person that is. Call it good old
fashioned phreaker fear, but that is the _last_ thing I'd be safe using to
spout off how much I hated my co-worker, company, etc. Especially if that
line was on their bill. Wiretapping doesn't seem to be that much of an
issue with the government these days (or employers themselves), and that
doesn't make it any better.

Oddly enough, this only strengthens my desire to become a lawyer and work to
stop some of these rampant privacy kills.


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