Napster - the quiet revolution

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 01:33:36 PST

Random, off-topic thought for all you theorists about the intersection
of tech / art / society / law / history / the future.

Okay, so Napster is old, old news now. So I won't talk about how, in a
very subtle way, Napster has completely changed my music listening life
in the last few months. I won't talk about how it really pushes a lot
of deep philosophical issues related to IP to the fore. I won't talk
about how it's on the cutting edge of the intersection between bits /
atoms and economics. I won't talk about how and why I wasn't into
Shoutcast, but think Napster is The Right Thing. I won't talk about how
I'm completely reliving my circa-early-80s "Friday Night Video Fights"
formative years (we didn't get MTV in my hometown until about 3 years
after it launched.) I won't try to make the argument for why all that
old stuff that, in college, I was embarrassed about having listend to
in high school is actually rockin' stuff. I *WILL NOT* try to justify
"Katrina and the Waves." No, I won't do it. ;-) I won't rehash all the
daily bits that have been flowing for some time. I'll just ask a very
human question:

Anybody else think Napster really does rock the free world? Like, it's
the best thing since sliced bread?


Ok, 'nite. :-)


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