Re: Napster - the quiet revolution

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From: Carey Lening (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 16:32:30 PST

positively Yes.

i've been able to rationalize the fact that even if their sever is down (*
and it has been ) ... I don't care. Its such a bloody fucking marvelous
system (especially on an ethernet connection -- thank you UCI!) Even though
there has to be the largest security hole in the known universe, and I'm
sure all you'd have to do is remodify the trojan you wanted to create to be
a *.mp3 (I don't know how, but heh)... I dont' care.

IT really is lovely. Mostly because here there are all these wonderful
musics that I haven't even heard before (or haven't been able to buy in
stores) available.

Incidentally.. Go find yourself Sven Vath. He's one of those wonderful
creations of music. :) took me forever to hear him on CD copy. took me 5
minutes on Napster.

I love napster.
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From: Jeff Bone <>
To: FoRK <>
Date: Sunday, February 27, 2000 1:48 AM
Subject: Napster - the quiet revolution

>Random, off-topic thought for all you theorists about the intersection
>of tech / art / society / law / history / the future.
>Okay, so Napster is old, old news now. So I won't talk about how, in a
>very subtle way, Napster has completely changed my music listening life
>in the last few months. I won't talk about how it really pushes a lot
>of deep philosophical issues related to IP to the fore. I won't talk
>about how it's on the cutting edge of the intersection between bits /
>atoms and economics. I won't talk about how and why I wasn't into
>Shoutcast, but think Napster is The Right Thing. I won't talk about how
>I'm completely reliving my circa-early-80s "Friday Night Video Fights"
>formative years (we didn't get MTV in my hometown until about 3 years
>after it launched.) I won't try to make the argument for why all that
>old stuff that, in college, I was embarrassed about having listend to
>in high school is actually rockin' stuff. I *WILL NOT* try to justify
>"Katrina and the Waves." No, I won't do it. ;-) I won't rehash all the
>daily bits that have been flowing for some time. I'll just ask a very
>human question:
>Anybody else think Napster really does rock the free world? Like, it's
>the best thing since sliced bread?
>Ok, 'nite. :-)

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