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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 14:52:30 PST

On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:
--]Anybody else think Napster really does rock the free world? Like, it's
--]the best thing since sliced bread?

Shoutcast I was into last year for a long long stretch of months. The idea
of active participation in making a listners day still rocks me. The
reality of the time needed to do it right , not to mention the isp nice
enough to let you slide with the bandwidth (yes with its much
much easier to do), put the wsmf shoutcast stream on a "speical occasions"

Napster I didnt like at first. it seemed to intrusive, it was if a
thousand hands were reaching into my machine in ways an FTP and telnet
server never made me feel. In the last 20 year ive run everything from
philez boars to dump sites to rotating anon ftp servers to web drops, but
napster was the one thing that made me feel the most vunerable. Hence, i
dont use it that much even now.

I use it, and when i do use it I like it.

But if I had to point to one thing that really has changed my listneing
habits, aside of course form the advent of mp3s and the like, is Usenet,
followed close by's MyMp3.

usenet for the sheer mass of things, not just music. Movies, games, apps,
old time radio, spoken word, books, speaches, music...its all there all
teh time in this never ending stream of ferengi proportions from wich i
dip my magic bowl in and come out with more than enough to quench my

It is less precise than napsters, bwith usenet the hunt becomes part of
the adventure. But the amount of things on usenet dwarfs what i have seen
even on napsters best days. Not to say napster wont get to that level with
certian slices of what usenet has to offer, but its just not there yet.

Mymp3 is becomming more and more useable. Once my account banded with
several other people things realy took off. Where ever I roam, form
portland to pango pango, from klamath falls to katmandu I know i will
alwys be able to listen to the 3000 plus tracks I have reged over on

It was pretty amazing a few weeks ago on a biz trip in denver, I was
able to listen to the replacements albumIi purchased online a few days
before on the workstationi was assigned while the instructor droned on
about a new and exciting .gov db system. Even though the cd had not
reached me via snail mail, the online store told MyMp3 that i was an
owner, and boom, it was on my list of albums to listen to.

I do not doubt the power of napster, i have in fact benifited from it on
many occasions. It is probably just the odd way im rigged, but Usenet and rock my lilly white booty with great gyrational happiness.

your milage may vary

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