RE: [Kudlow] In Praise of Economic Freedom.

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 13:49:37 PST

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:

--] What's interesting is that no one's behavior
--]here has changed; FoRK acts the same way in a vacuum as it did when it
--]was under the microscope for everyone to watch in real time.

Well ive been in a serious ReadOnly mode for a long time. Now that we are
private again....can we get back to the WWF threads?:)-

--]I believe that happiness isn't a basic human right... nor is it a basic
--]human need. Remember Abraham Maslow's

There is somethign that binds Maslows steps to form up the way they do,
this force could well be the drive towards happiness.Physcial survival is
a base happiness level ("gee im happy im eating") belonging (happiness in
being part of a bigger whoel) Self Actualization ("Im happy being me")

In a way happiness is both the strong and the weak force of the

--]Happiness prevents change because it incentivizes the status quo.
--]Unhappiness is therefore important to the evolution of us, both as
--]individuals and as a species. [Insert random Ken Wilbur reference here.]

"the chase is always better than the catch " Exodus (the band not the
biblical chapter)

--]Good thing you're retiring from the telecom industry, because my one
--]goal before I die is to make communication a free, basic human right,

Theres lots of money to be made in providing "basic human rights":)-
Remeber also that as a thing becomes :free" of cost the basc human nature
is to devalue that thing. hence, freedoms we held dear some 200 years ago
now seem less important.If anything it has been shown that the human
nature will sell its "freedoms" for security and convienence.

Rule of Aquisition # 218. Sometimes what you get free costs entirely too much."

--]More from this soon-to-be-sacred text is available at:

Leary has some good words onthe topic.
--]One more thought before I go to eBuilt. It occurs to me that if someone
--]is happy, his or her life becomes predictable (as in, "nothing bothers
--]me"). And once life becomes predictable, it ceases to be life. It's
--]just walking through a finite state machine like the Turing Test robots
--]we might one day become.

I gota take a line on this idea that happiness = sheep like complacency.
Im happy, not in all thing but overall im damn happy . It is my happiness
in what i am that spurs me on to do many other things.

Happiness is not , for all, the heroin of Salierism.

Happiness can be the foundation from which new hieghts can be scaled and
new profits extracted. Need i remind you of the 223 rule?

--]The ability to create something where once was nothing -- or the ability
--]to destroy something that once was there -- or better yet, the ability
--]to do both things at once -- is what gives life its flavor. I don't
--]think it's a coincidence that some of the most creative and destructive
--]people in history were so smart that happiness was never an option they
--]allowed to endorphinize their brains for more than 5 seconds at a time.

You think there was not a gleefull sene of happiness in all things the
great ones did? Happiness need not be the mary sunshine glow of the barney
type, it can come twisted and cthulian. I do not dounbt there was
happiness in the hearts of the folks who hit new production quotas in the
camps of death or in the twiching hands of many killers as they bathed in

"happiness is a warm gun bang bang shoot shoot)"

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