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Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 15:06:08 PST

Dear Ms. Silly Red Hat Head:

This technology was developed for quadrapalegics. In the short run, it
allows them unprecedented freedom; in the long run it could end their
particular hell by reconnecting damaged nerve paths.

NASA is still developing the technology that would reconnect you to earth.


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<< Nonono, I don't wanna just move a cursor. Is this a windows-based thingy?
 I'm a CLI gal. (:
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> << How about something I can plug into my head?
> heh,
> C
> >>
> "The key is what he calls a neurotrophic electrode—a hollow glass cone
> with recording wires and chemicals that promote nerve growth. When the
> electrode is placed in the motor cortex of the brain and hooked to a
> computer, it allows a patient to move a cursor across a computer screen,
> putting him or her once again in touch with the outside world."
> >From "Wiring The Mind"
> The Tenth Annual Discover Magazine Awards For Technological Innovation
> Editors' Choice/Assistive Technologies
> WINNER: Neural Signals and Emory University's Neurotrophic Implant for
> Communication
> INNOVATOR: Philip Kennedy
> >From my fingertips to your eyeballs,
> Geege

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