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From: Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 12:15:29 PST

KUCI spam, now Y2K compliant. Love the album name, "Kiss My Arp" (#19). :-)

- Jim

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***KUCI Top 30*** for week ending January 16, 2000

1. The Killingtons "American Made" EP (Vegas)
2. Saves the Day "Through Being Cool" (Equal Vision)
3. Velvetone "Vari-o-sonic" (One Million Dollar)
4. Rebekah Florence "Welcome To My Country" (Groove House)
5. The Muses "Sinner's Waltz" (Something Sacred)
6. The Creatures "Hybrids" (Instinct)
7. The Kovenant "Animatronic" (Nuclear Blast)
8. Hank Williams III "Risin' Outlaw" (Curb)
9. Hot Rod Circuit "If I Knew Now What I Knew Then" (Triple Crown)
10. Shapeshifter "Opiate Sea" (Pinch Hit)
11. Pee Wee King "Country Hoedown" (Bloodshot Revival)
12. Kid Loco "Jesus Life..." (Atlantic)
13. Necrophagia "Black Blood Vomitorium" (Red Stream)
14. The Sleepwalkers "Can't Stop Rockin'" (Relampago-Go)
15. The Weakerthans "Fallow" (Sub City)
16. Solvent "Solvently One Listens" (Suction)
17. Stavesacre "Speakeasy" (Tooth and Nail)
18. v/a "Cheapskates: Harder Side" (Tooth and Nail)
19. Andrea Parker "Kiss My Arp" (Mo Wax)
20. NoFX "The Decline" (Fat Wreck)
21. v/a "I Love Metal" (Triple Crown)
22. Pavement "Major Leagues" EP (Matador)
23. DJ Krust "Coded Language" (Talkin' Loud)
24. Air "Premiers Symptomes" (Astralwerks)
25. The Halo Friendlies "Acid Wash" EP (Jackson Rubio)
26. Dynamite Boy "Finder's Keepers" (Fearless)
27. No Use For A Name "More Betterness" (Fat Wreck)
28. Errortype: 11 "Amplified To Rock" (Some)
29. John Linnell "State Songs" (Zoe)
30. The Wedding Present "Singles: 1995-97" (spinART)

**ADDS** for week beginning January 17, 2000

1. A New Found Glory "Nothing Gold Can Stay" (Drive Thru"
  ***this was added last week by mistake, but it's now official this week
     and what should've been was
     "INCredible: Sound of Drum'n'Bass Mixed By Goldie"
2. Snapcase "Designs For Automotion" (Victory)
3. Elliot "If They Do" (Initial)
4. Modest Mouse "Building Nothing Out of Something" (Up)
5. Paul van Dyk "Another Way" (Mute)

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