Re: when guns rule, who needs dialog...

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 08:17:22 -0700

I have an in at Sony Pictures Imageworks and can raise some capital
for you. Are you in the mood for a second career? You don't even
have to choreograph people. I can set you up with the CGI folks.



Tom Sweetnam wrote:
> Littleton & our culture of violence...
> Do you know who some of the highest paid consultants are in Hollywood
> these days? Fight coreographers! That's right. Guys who coreograph
> scenes in which people are beating the shit out of each other. A good
> fight coreographer can make $1 million per movie. That's about 8 times
> more than the average screen writer gets for a script, and at least as
> much as the director himself is paid. Fighting is far more important
> than plot or dialog in Hollywood these days -it's the hottest venue
> around right now. Who needs words in a movie? Just kick somebody in the
> balls and then blow his brains out. That'll sell tickets at the box
> office. The real problem is that most moviegoers in the latter part of
> the 20th century are male, and most of them are stupid, and most of them
> are 14-19 years of age. That's who keeps Hollywood in business these
> days.