No explanation needed.

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 08:58:05 -0700

I always though you coast after 2^5, not 30. If your 35th birthday falls on
or after January 1, 2000, then go nominate yourself as one of the
next century's hottest techical innovators. Their distinguished panel
of judges are all Venture Capitalists, distinguished academics, and media whores.

Panel of Judges

Dr. David Baltimore Dr. Nicholas Negroponte
President Director, Media
California Institute Laboratory
of Technology Professor of Media
Nobel Laureate - Technology
Medicine 1975 Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
Mr. John Benditt
Editor in Chief Dr. Arno Penzias
Technology Review Sr. Technology Advisor
Lucent Technologies
Mr. Alfred R. Nobel Laureate, Physics
Berkeley III 1978
NASDAQ Dr. Phillip A. Sharp
Professor and Head
Dr. Anita Borg MIT Biology Department
President and Nobel Laureate, Medicine
Founding Director 1993
Institute for Women &
Technology Mr. Alan G. Spoon
Xerox Palo Alto President
Research Center The Washington Post
Prof. Michael
Dertouzos Mr. Ray Stata
Director CEO
MIT Lab For Computer Analog Devices
Mr. Anthony Sun
Mr. John Doerr General Partner
Partner Venrock Associates
Kleiner Perkkins
Caufield & Byers Dr. Charles Vest
Mr. R. Bruce Journey Massachusetts Institute
Publisher/CEO of Technology
Technology Review
Mr. Larry Weber
Ms. Ellen Knapp Chairman/CEO
Chief Knowledge Weber Public Relations
Officer WorldWide
Coopers Ms. Anne Winblad
Dr. Robert Langer Hummer Winblad Venture
Professor of Chemical Partners
and Biomedical
Engineering Dr. Bill Wulf
Massachusetts President
Institute of National Academy of
Technology Engineering

Dr. Robert M. Mr. John Yochelson
Metcalfe President
Vice President Council on Competiveness
International Data
Technology Pundit