Unsubscription-Plus (tm)

(no name) ((no email))
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 10:15:46 -0500

Gee whiz, Dave, you forgot some of the other reasons. It must be the pain.

Please remove me from FoRK for the following extraneous reason(s):

[ ] The lame anagrams
[ ] Mahatma's General (Car Booby)
[ ] Lowly Dodo

Rohit, whilst you're editing the list, why don't you change my entry to
baisley@alumni.rice.edu please? That way, I'll always feel loved, even when
I'm unemployed.

Keep in touch, Giuseppe.


To the tune of "Auld Lang Syne" ...
Shrew dolphin quail hare beaver goat
Ant heifer porcupine
Shrew dolphin quail hare beaver goat
Panda gator awk lamb swine
-- Don McConnell (mcconnel@vvm.spam.me.not.com)