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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 21:20:18 PDT

Write that business plan!!! ;-)

(You ever hear of the game called "I could drink that pitcher in X seconds?"
You're around food, like say a plate of sub sandwiches. One person says "I
could drink that pitcher in 20 seconds." The next person says "I could drink
that pitcher in 18 seconds." Proceed in this manner. Eventually, don't ask
me why, somebody yells "drink that pitcher!" The last person to make a claim
has to drink the pitcher in or under the time they claimed, or they get to
buy the next one. Recurse...

The point of this is that, FoRK being the stupid business idea of the day
list --- and a great list it is at that --- I figure every once in a whlie
somebody needs to yell "write that business plan!" just to keep things
honest. ;-)


Tom Whore wrote:

> The idea of cloning MeatFarms is somethign thats been kicked around SF
> for a while now. You clone the flesh and the lower brain functions but
> chpo off anything that would make a "person"
> That line is going to be fought over almost as much as the line of when a
> "person" beings in the womb.
> Think of the possibilits of a MeatFarm.
> 1)Blood Supply--have a few dozen racks of meat with needed blood types on
> tap. Feed em and bleed em. No one will need to go without blood.
> 2)Organ Supply--Same as above only not as renewable in most cases.
> 3)Real Doll -- Lets face it folks, this will be a logical use for
> meatclones. Porn and games yady ya ya. Side industrys in diaper/catheter
> devices and easy clean up items. If you really want to go down this path
> think of things like...programable response tweekeing...input/Pain Levels
> that can respond to your stimuli in various ways "I want her to scream
> when I whip her, scream reall loud like..yea"/"moaning, make her moan.yes
> i know she doesnt feel anything but i want her to moan"
> 4)SnuffBuddies -- the real doll thing went down this path so there is no
> reason to think meatclones wont. Knife em, shot em, tweek the reaction
> level..Practice practice practice. Film and be famous. "Come on , havent
> you ever wanted to just snap and kill?"
> [---=== WSMF ----]

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