Re: There They Go, Bad-Mouthing Divorce Again

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 21:23:43 PDT

Dave Long wrote:

> Perhaps I'm oversimplifying; here are my guesses as
> to statements of positition thus far:
> If marriage were a business relationship, it should be:
> Ernie: a merger
> Xander: a definite-term partnership
> Jeff: a joint venture (strategic partnership?)


> If marriage were a programming environment, we should use:
> legal codes: Visual Basic (my interpretation)
> legal codes: INTERCAL (Jeff's interpretation?)
> Jeff: the S & K combinators

Hey now! I think SK etc. combinators are great theoretical and
mathematical tools, and might even be useful if you were building
languages, but I'd HATE to actually program directly using them as
the predominant abstractions. You can derive natural numbers from
lambda, too, but that's a lousy way to do arithmetic unless you're
getting an advanced degree. ;-)

I'm not even sure I understand the INTERCAL reference in this


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