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Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 04:36:25 PDT

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<< > enzymes and growth hormones in the human body that increase the risk of
> various diseases. Moreover, he has come to the conclusion that cow's milk
 Golly, that Campbell chap seems to have some darn fine equipment upstairs. >>

yeah, but i'd blame the author of the article. discover, at $6.50 per hard
copy, still gets some of the worst contributors.

re human milk and infants: its molecular structure passes thru the the
digestive tract much more quickly, requiring more frequent feedings, so
many moms, not vigorously discouraged by their obgyn/neonatal dr's, go for
the all-nite, digestive-tract-clogging option of formula. two pregnant women
at work are due in october; neither plans on breastfeeding AT ALL. it blows
me away - of all the gifts you can give your offspring, this one is free.

boobies for everyone,

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