Re: Got Milk? (was Re: Baby-making)

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Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 06:12:44 PDT

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>In a message dated 9/20/00 8:20:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
><< Physical evidence --- teeth, intestines, etc. --- suggests that we're
> much better suited to eating plants than meat. All the other great
> apes eat mostly plants, but supplement their diets with occasional
>more science -- pro: our intestines are much longer than carnivore
>intestines. con -- we have teeth that can do it all.

Physical evidence suggests we're designed to eat damn near everything, which
explains the scruptuous cactus and octopus salad I had a couple of nights
ago, and the mozarella and tomatoe, proscuitto and figs, olives, and beets
that sere the appetizers at dinner last night, not to mention the pork and
polenta that followed, and the red wine that flowed like FoRK posts. We have
canines and molars. We have intestines that are longer than those of
carnivores, but don;t have the complexity of herbivorous guts, particularly
ruminant ones, which is why we do most of our ruminating with another organ.
In terms of pride, it doesn't matter whether we eat meat or not, because,
either way, we think our shit doesn't stink. What we know of pre-history
suggests that when our forebears chowed down, they began with salad of
mesclun greens with unpasteurized goats' milk cheese, followed by an entree
of seared, hearth-roasted mammoth shank, and concluded with a bowl of
seasonal berries. No sooner did we learn to grow grain than we learned how to
get stupefyingly drunk, which, as Cindy suggests in another post, helps with
the ruminating process.


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