Re: XParc's Report on Gnutella

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From: Justin Mason (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 04:21:20 PDT

Brian Atkins said:

> Well you guys should check it out! It attempts to solve the problem via
> a virtual economy. Makes sense to me- you've got scarcity in systems
> like Gnutella- whether that be bandwidth, cpu cycles for search processes,
> storage, etc. You just need a way to have it all "balance"- and a market
> can try to do that. Go read their site for 5 minutes when you get a
> chance:

It's funny -- it really is a return to the world of piracy -- I remember
social rules like this when I was a 14yr old cracker ;)

BTW Napster gets around it by *always* offering your collection back to
the world at large, so when you "leech", it won't stop others picking up
the tunes you've downloaded. (if I recall correctly)

IMHO that's a better solution than the "ratio" system, which rewards the
established file-swappers over first-timers.


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