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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 08:42:44 PDT

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Justin Mason wrote:

--]BTW Napster gets around it by *always* offering your collection back to
--]the world at large, so when you "leech", it won't stop others picking up
--]the tunes you've downloaded. (if I recall correctly)

I get stuff off the napster network, using a webfront end:)- theres not
files being offered back up to napster net from me.

--]IMHO that's a better solution than the "ratio" system, which rewards the
--]established file-swappers over first-timers.

Ratios worked and worked well. I think they might still work but for a few
intersting developments.


I offer tons of files for download every second of every day for the last
2 years now on Theres a steady library of books , the occasional
old time radio shows, and always a surprise or two waiting to be found.

With napster only things I shre through napster count, and with thier
restrictions only .mp3 files are sharable. Well thats fine and good but I
m into sharing mor than mp3s files. 300k of Crowley
( or the works of Plato
Plutarch and Poe
( seem to me
more worth while than 10 meg of 256 encoded Nysnc.

How does the worth of this material get acknowledged?

Gnutella at leasts allows you to offer and get files regardless of FILE
FORMAT. Its one of the areas napster got it dead wrong.

Also the practice of treating any ONE protocol/app as THE ONLY method to
get.give is a bit antiquated. If guntella /napster cant provied, hit
usenets bin groups. If usent dont provide try the web. If the web dont
provide hit archie and look for ftp sites. If that dont work hit discusion
groups (irc channels, usenet groups, yahoo clubs, egroups groups etc) and
knock around some.

The net will provide, if you seek you will find.

It seems almost a classic case of supply and demand. If everyone is
getting everything they want from somewhere else then a particular
app/protocol might fall to the side. If 97% of the pop is looking for the
backstreet boys and thats easiest found on NApster then the 3% looking for
new translations of the works of Flavius Josephus on the web will
certinaly seem th minority of usage.

Niche marketing versus mass supply and demand cycles... If we treat the
net like a Kmart we shouldnt be surpirsed that we can be hip deep in
Britney Spears and sorely missing a good copy of Holiday In Cambodia.

Maybe some one needs to write a papers called The KMart and the Bizzare.
Actualy, please dont, the last thing I want is some hip eleteist rms
telling everyone that they should all be niche. thats sort of like my
idiot freinds screaming "Anarchists Unite" at a Vandals Concert and truly
beliving it.

Maybe the take on this whole thing should be "yea the net sucks for this,
go away every one...theres nothig to see here (office bar brady voice)
theese arent the driods your looking for"

tom (10/3) whore

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