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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 19:46:14 PDT

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]> You know if you would just have a cheese burger or something you probably
--]> wouldn't be getting so upset.
--]Absolutely! Clarke's in MTV and elsewhere. Try it with the Muenster cheese,
--]Saurkraut, and some Earl Campell's sauce on it.

Been there, lived it, and in my time I have most likely out eaten 99% of
you skinny assed mother fuckers. You are talking to tomwhore, the man who
ate 78 white castles, a choclate shake and 2 orders of onion rings inone
sitting. Your talking to the man who forked over a large sum of cash for
kobe beef, the guy who went out to the safari restuerants in NYC for all
the good hard to get stuff. Your talking to the inventor of the uni and
wasbai sunday (recipe available on demand, demos if you come down to
portland and go out to sushi with the higgins's)

So please with "you just dont know" and "you need a beef injection". Bone
of all people should know better than to use the "you dont know till youve
tried it" argument.

Facts are In my day I have eaten pretty much all there is to eat and
frankly after 30 something years of it I found that most beef pork chicken
and turkey foods were getting me sick fat and fucked up. You want proof,
go look at pictures of me. Im the fucking poster boy for "he'll eat

Doesnt take much balls or brains to be a braggart about it. It does take
both to know yourself and do whats gonna keep you alive to see your great
great grand kids juarez zero days for thier old tommypops.

(and until you transhumanists can show me a prototype of your Live Forever
plans (that dont require to be assimulated by Elis over mind or deep
frozen like birds eye) you can scurry on back to your furymucks and roll
the d20 to see who gets to be the "freak dady of mad sceintsts" this week
while working as a copy boy at kinkos)


casue tom whore said so.

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