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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 17:14:11 PDT

I have a hard time believing that there are still people around today
who think they are genetically superior to other people on the basis
that those other people don't eat animal products, even to the point of
publicly wishing mass suicide on those other people, but I guess some
people will believe any silly elitist nonsense they're fed. Hey,
witness Eliezer, who thinks he has the right to singlehandedly decide
the future of the solar system, apparently just because he can. (I
hope he turns out to be wrong on that last point.)

I know, from personal experience, that getting sufficient vegan
nutrition in the US requires a fair bit more knowledge and organization
than getting sufficient omnivorous nutrition. I'm sure it's even worse
in Germany. I wouldn't be surprised if the part of the vegan tail on
the wrong side of the line between malnutrition and sufficient
nutrition were significant.

I'm sure stupid vegan children exist, although I haven't met any. I
wouldn't be surprised if mild mental disability due to malnutrition
were more prevalent among vegan children than among omnivorous
children. But it's certainly not typical ;)

Mild mental disability from malnutrition among poor omnivorous children
is not unknown in the US, I think. But generally, our biggest health
concerns are things like cancer and heart disease, largely caused by a
few too many Cheez-Its.

Physical evidence --- teeth, intestines, etc. --- suggests that we're
much better suited to eating plants than meat. All the other great
apes eat mostly plants, but supplement their diets with occasional

Unix servers are not easier to screw up than MS servers. MS servers
are so easy, all you have to do is turn them on.

Some dogs and cats in my experience frequently supplement their diets
with the occasional squirrel, cockroach, or mouse. Indoor dogs and
cats generally don't.

Both plants and animals are generally somewhat toxic. I would expect
commonly-eaten animals to be significantly more toxic than
commonly-eaten plants.

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