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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 19:03:14 PDT

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Kragen Sitaker wrote:

--]I know, from personal experience, that getting sufficient vegan
--]nutrition in the US requires a fair bit more knowledge and organization
--]than getting sufficient omnivorous nutrition.

A bit, but not a hell of a lot more.

Facts Bocca burgers are common in most supermarkets out here in suburban
land where i live. imd you I am no longer living in the "heart of
hipseterville" named Hawthorne Blvd in portland where very other store is
a macro biotic eatery. I now live out in the boonies where Kmarts and
Targets are the places to be and be seen. Even here , even in the most
trailertrashiest supermarkets there are , mixed in with all the other
foods, Bocca burgers, garden burgers, Morningstar products like thier
burger, facon, veggie ground, theres even my new fave Gemme Lean (packaged
much like Jimme Dean susage)

Vegi food is as prevelent as AOL discs out here, and from what i here its
getting like that every where. Shit ever in my journeys thru south dakota
I found Garden burger and Morning Start products to my tummys delite.

You might think brining a few packs of vegiburgers to a cook out on a farm
that makes most of its money from cattle was not too bright, but I
explained to the good folks that IM a good reason why they are making good
meny planting soy beans. they all agred the soy bean market was booming
inthe last couple of years, not so conincidently the same years I shut
myself off from beef chicken turkey , pig et al.

If you local place of grocery shopping doesn not carry the goods you wnt,
let them know. I am sure they will comply with conusmer wishes. If not you
can get em online:)-

(cliff bars only 75 cents after reabte at this month:))

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