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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 23:47:00 PDT

Tom Whore writes:

> (and until you transhumanists can show me a prototype of your Live Forever
> plans (that dont require to be assimulated by Elis over mind or deep

Don't listen to Eli, he's on crack.

> frozen like birds eye) you can scurry on back to your furymucks and roll

If you happen to keel over now, I'm afraid taking the deep dewar dive
is your only option. (And, boy, let me tell it's a really shitty
product -- I can show you some EM micrographs which will make Merkle

So best option is to hang around until nano hits the streets (I gather
you're not into CR), or until headfreezing has matured (there are some
arguments about identity which might remove some of the fear of the
big chill), which can take a decade or two, or forever. And, yeah, it
really helps to become rich meanwhile. A couple of extra megabucks on
the side can make you an early adopter.

Apart from that (if Singularity critters don't eat you) you'll only
get more of the old rat race thing, only more, faster, and
meaner. Yeah, and if you make it, you'll be a rat about forever ;)

> the d20 to see who gets to be the "freak dady of mad sceintsts" this week
> while working as a copy boy at kinkos)

Ah, these were the days.

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