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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 14:44:39 PDT writes:
> Dumb kids? heh. I think not. I've known many vegan families, and their
> children are usually above average in all ways detectable. Why, I even

Can you spell "anecdotal evidence"? Did you ran an IQ test on them? On
all your vegan friends' kids? Did you remove any possible bias (I
doubt you know many stupid people), and blinded the sample?

> know one family whose pets are all vegan, and the pets are just fine as
> well. (: One thing I learned about vegans, living and travelling with

Of course, it was perfectly obvious that all was well by just looking
at them. And you're sure that dogs and cats did not supplement their
diet with a little extra protein on the side?

> them, is that they are extremely conscious of their diets, making sure to
> supplement their diets with all the things that provide protein, iron,
> etc, that their bodies need. I'd like to suggest that you not quote such

Point is, it's much, much easier to screw up on a vegan diet, falling
off into malnutrition (notice that being vegan correlates with
thinking fasting is a good thing). Brittleness is a good property in a
scientific theory, but not in most other places.

> idiotic things as "Notice that many vegans raise dumb kids due to
> deficits in some essentials (Lamarck's revenge on Darwin)." It makes YOU
> sound dumb, and you are obviously a carnivore. (: Notice that Kragen was

No, I'm using a diet I've been designed for. Pure animal protein diet
is about as stupid as pure vegan.

> talking about vegetarians, and NOT vegans. Yes, there is a difference. I

I know what Kragen was talking about, but I was talking about vegans.

> agree that many vegetarians have vitamin/mineral deficiencies, but I
> suspect that this is due to one of 2 things: 1. Meat and other foods which
> provide all the necessary nutrients are not available. or 2. Being a

I wasn't referring to people who can't get animal protein, I was
referring to those who won't tho' they could.

> vegetarian has become a fad, though information about how to make sure
> you're getting all the nutrients you need is scarce. Beans is the trick.

I still think the gene pool could use some chlorine ;P

> (;
> Cindy

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