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Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 13:56:12 PDT

From: Paul J Collins <>

>>>>> "EL" == <> writes:

    EL> From: (Kragen Sitaker)
    EL> John Klassa writes:
>> > ping goodhost | sed -e 's/.*/ping/' | vocoder
    EL> [...] the version I heard used an intercom system for sound
    EL> output and specifically asserted that the netadmin's machine
    EL> was a NeXT.

I recall hearing that story, and the version I heard specifically
mentioned the NeXT.

My favourite Unix audio-related story is when Netscape released the
first version of Navigator. At the end of Jamie Zawinski's diary from
that period, he mentions how they hooked up an Indy (possibly his, I
don't recall) to play a cannon shot everytime a download completed.
Much cheering accompanied each boom.

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