Re: Saw your site.

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From: Gary Pupurs (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 07:00:19 PDT

> Dear Mr. Rosario,
> I recently saw your site at
> and the business proposition that you submitted to FoRK
> on behalf of WorldMall. I am the executive treasurer for the

Heh, just went to this worldmall site, got a nice ugly raw ColdFusion error
instead of the home page. You'd think a site getting 25 million hits
annually and $19/95/month+ from multiple people would at least have a
'Sorry, site is temporarily being updated' or 'Sorry, an error occurred'
page... At least it _would_ before I trusted _my_ $19.95/month to it.

Oh gee, the site appears to be working now. Joy. Unfortunately, I don't
support any site that participates in indiscriminate spanning no matter how
cool it may be, so I think I'll click away now, thanks for playing boys and

I think I'll go shop at now, the eSuperStore at the End of
The Universe(TM)...


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